Who Is Kara Janelle?

Hi, I’m Kara Janelle…

Or you can call me Kara.

I started this blog back in January 2007, yes over 12 years I am an ancient blogger for sure, back in those days the blog was Innocent Charms Chats, a place for me to share the creativity behind my then Jewellery business Innocent Charms.

But now though Kara Janelle has grown just as I have in life.

A busy Mum to 3 with a passion for creativity in every aspect of my life from Interiors to Style, as you can see above even with my hair.

I can be found in Canterbury, Kent not too far from my Happy Place,  the Sea, always with a crazy long to do list of projects I am working on, my head full of ideas, trying to share those with you all.

You can expect a look around the Corners of my Home, see what I am enjoying wearing clothes wise and beauty, the endless list of projects/Up-cycles I create and even share in my passion for supporting independents and local businesses.

Ultimately Kara Janelle is the very best parts of me and what I love, a magazine of my life you may like to say.

Depending on what you are interested in check out what I have been most recently been talking about Creatively, Interiors Wise, General Life or Style.

If you want to catch up with me daily you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest but I live for the everyday chats on Instagram Stories mostly if that is your thing.

If you wish to work together or collaborate then please feel free to drop me a message, I am always free to chat.